1. Because we are a mobile service, there must be adequate parking to accommodate a large van.
Location must provide 2 electric plug sockets to connect our cables (maximum distance of 25 metres).

2. If the alloys or callipers have been previously refurbished or sprayed you must notify us as this can affect the quality of our work.

3. Customers are aware that if alloys are badly damaged then there is a small chance that alloys might not be 100% repairable and minor imperfections may remain.

4. Customers must provide accurate images of wheels.

5. Customer must provide a locking wheel nut key.

6. Wicked Rimz will not be liable if wheel nuts cannot be removed.

7. Please ensure alloys are cleaned prior to us arriving


All our services come with a 1 year warranty which covers any paint or lacquer defects.
Our warranty does not cover stone chips, kerb damage any contact or impact damage or chemicals used that tarnish the painted finish.